About Us

“ARBA” is Arabic word which means 4 and ARBA Tourism aspires to serve in all 4 Seasons in Pakistan and worldwide. The name ARBA comes from one of the most respected companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Abdur Rahman Bin Auwf (RA), who pioneered supply/value chain in business management underpinning the principles of equity, inclusion and diversity at the state of Medina and he is considered as one of the most successful businessmen that Muslim Ummah has ever known.

Our Passion for Tourism

At ARBA Tourism we are passionately committed to deliver the best possible services to our guests and companions for Tourism from overseas and inland to explore the beautiful colors of the world.

We are specialized in customized tours and our guests are facilitated the best for their special requirements.

We are team of committed professionals from diverse walks of life to offer the unique services to our esteemed guests.

Message By CEO

Dear friends in tourism, trekking and mountaineering sector some of you already know me but for most of the new friends with same spirit and passion to serve in the tourism sector, I am briefly sharing my introduction.
Currently I’m serving as CEO ARBA Tourism and Group CEO vMulti, with multiple portfolios of Businesses including Tourism, Business Automation & Logistics Solutions, Success Coach for small and medium enterprise development, Consultant & Trainer and above all passionate mountaineer and nature lover.
Prior to current roles and responsibilities I have served as Country Director for International NGO for more than 12 years and served across Pakistan ??. I have also served as HR Head in a renowned University at Lahore for another decade to develop and groom the teams of all levels in the institution.
As a CEO ARBA Tourism, we aspire to best contribute in our humble capacity not only limited to our guests and tourist clients rather we consider that we owe to the whole Tourism sector key stake holders, and together we can make a big difference. Let us us join hands and strive to build the capacity of all stakeholders including, tour operators, guides, transporters, restaurants and hotels, porters and support teams at all levels in collaboration and support with Tourism Ministries at federal and provincial levels and active organisations.
Alhamdulillah I have been to all major treks in Pakistan, few of them including K2 base, Gondogorola, Biafo snow Lake Hisper la, NangaParbat, Deosai, Burzal pass, Neelam valley, Sawat valley, Kaghan valley, Chitral valley, Cholistan, Tharparkar, Thal, Bagh Valley and so on. In nut shell Pakistan ?? is blessed with all 4 Seasons and all 4 colours of natural beauty and Pakistan is like a paradise for the tourist, we should all join hands to strive and promote the inwards tourism to Pakistan ?? from across the globe?
For the purpose we will inshaAllah set the basic standards matching the internationally acceptable criteria for tourism facilities and we will make collective efforts for the capacity building of all key stakeholders in the Tourism Industry.
We will remain in contact and join hands for very productive and long lasting professional relationship.

Our Gallery

Muhammad Azhar Hafeez Photography

Arba Tourism is thankful to MAH – Muhammad Azhar Hafeez for sharing the mesmerizing pictures of Pakistan tourism